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The Thirty Forum - Bejing 2022

China’s leading Metaverse Think Tank, ‘The Thirty Forum, launch an international program to further clarify the basic economic laws and rules governing the development of the Metaverse.

China’s leading Metaverse Think Tank, ‘The Thirty Forum, launch an international program to further clarify the basic economic laws and rules governing the development of the Metaverse.

Co-hosted by Better Worlds, a Los Angeles headquartered global web3 communication platform, a virtual and in-person global conference is being held the week of May 15, 2022. Since its establishment, the Thirty Forum has organized more than 200 online and offline events, attracting over 100 million viewers and gaining the support of hundreds of listed companies, scholars and experts in the digital industry. The International Metaverse Dialogue focuses on the major theoretical and practical issues for the future economic and social development of the world in what the Forum calls the ‘Metaverse Era.’

During the May 15, Opening Ceremonies, the Thirty Forum proclaimed their approach to the values and potential of the metaverse to transform the world by issuing a ‘Metaverse Manifesto.’ Key proclamations include: “The metaverse not only represents the next generation of the internet technology, but also contributes a new form of human society. By integrating virtual and real worlds, the metaverse comprehensively enhances human creativity, empowers industrial transformation, and promotes the progress of digital society.”

The Proclamation concludes with the following: “We have an innocent confidence in dreams, an infinite reverence for truth and an eternal pursuit of creation. We look forward to the Era of the Metaverse, and we invite you to create the future of the metaverse together.”

The Metaverse International Forum represents the inaugural partnership event between Better Worlds and China’s leading Metaverse organization, the Thirty Forum. Representatives from Europe and the United States gather together to discuss the future of the Metaverse with China’s leading experts.

Participants: Chairman of Taiyi Group Dundee Director of Macro Research Department, Chonyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University Yushu Liu Co-founder and President of Yipay Payment Yu Chen Co-founder and CEO of Akash Network Greg Osuri CEO and Founder of LionShare Media Susan Brazer Founder of Rubric Partners and CMO of Gala Games Jason Brink Founder of Better Worlds Founder/CEO of MCM Group International Michael C. Mitchell

Join in to watch the panels discuss the latest in developmental trends as well as specific applications that will ultimately impact our daily lives.

Michael C. Mitchell

Since coordinating LA's EarthDay in 1970, Mike—an American planner, designer, lecturer—has worked in 59 countries to address prominent social and environmental problems. Co-Founder of Better Worlds.

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