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Metaverse is Beyond the Hype with Francis Berwa

Metaverse real estate market tops $500 million in 2021. What foundations and experiences will deliver real value and are worth investing in? S01E11 Metaverse Beyond the Hype hosted by Elena Obukhova.

Metaverse real estate market tops $500 million in 2021. What foundations and experiences will deliver real value and are worth investing in?

The metaverse real estate market is hot, topping $500 million in 2021 and expected to hit $1 billion in 2022. From brands to banks — Adidas, Nike, and Miller Lite; HSBC and JP Morgan — have begun building their presence while many individuals are investing in this new frontier.

Francis and Elena  discuss their journey in Web3 through ups and down, booms and busts, exploring human nature and the timeless foundations of value worth investing in. The metaverse, virtual land, and digital real estate is a brave new world that is increasingly connecting and blurring the lines between our virtual and physical worlds.

Hosted by Elena Obukhova with guest Francis Berwa, Aves Lair

Learn how many investors and brands are entering the space, leveraging digital twins and immersive experiences to create new activations, adapting to regulatory changes, with echoes of the next generation of the internet, the exciting transition from Web2 to Web3, and how innovations are evoking digital cultural norms from China, Europe, Latin America and beyond.

Francis Berwa is managing partner at Aves Lair an NYC VC accelerator and incubation program. Francis, who is African born, is also founder of the gamified metaverse company that is a spin off of ZOAN.Fi; an award winning leading European XR studio based in Helsinki, Finland. The goal of Parallell is to align and bridge the gap between immersive technology, and physical real estate. This is done by creating immersive photo realistic worlds mixed with experiences that bridge our physical world and the metaverse.

Elena Obukhova



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