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The Carbonauts take personal responsibility for the climate crisis

If you’re trying to do the right thing as a consumer to reduce your carbon footprint, Carbonauts may be a lesson you want to explore.

If you’re trying to do the right thing as a consumer to reduce your carbon footprint, Carbonauts may be a lesson you want to explore.

Hosted by Julian Guderley with guest Graham Hill, Carbonauts

On this episode of Better Worlds, Host Julian Guderley asked Graham Hill, co-founder of Carbonauts, about the big six things he says can be done individually to reduce your own personal carbon footprint, in addition to carbon offsets.  What percentage of the living population would have to adopt these suggestions to lower their footprint to reach a tipping point, to create an inverse climate crisis? Personal change is just as important as corporate and government solutions, to create the tipping point, or the flipping point - the point in which the global climate will begin to flip, and then rapid change will come with that movement.  Graham offers Carbonaut sessions for individuals who want to take personal responsibility for the climate crisis and ensure they are making their contributions to reach that tipping point in the relatively short amount of time we have to reach the flipping point from 5 percent to 25 percent.

Before COVID spawned a whole generation of  van life digital stories, Graham, also CEO of LifeEdited, demonstrated that a person, or two, can design and live in a 350 or 420-square-foot micro apartment, transforming rooms for multiple functions with various furniture hacks such as Murphy beds over a couch, folding tables with leaves and stacking chairs, for example. For 12 years he has designed space-efficient buildings, products and lifestyles to yield more wealth, health and happiness with less stuff, space and energy. Check out LifeEdited for more.
Join us for more about these issues and Graham’s views on Web 3.

Julian Guderley

Julian is a steward for Regeneration in this world. He functions in the world as a Podcast Producer, High Performance Coach & Event Creator.

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