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Protect Blue: Shifting Narratives Beyond Crisis to Imagine a Regenerative Ocean

Coming out of the rigidity of government, Linzi Hawkin asked herself: How can we find creative and innovative ways to talk about ocean that will engage people and make a greater impact?

Her answer came in multiple forms and settings,from running music festivals to  developing creative  school curricula. As an educator and communicator, she has traveled the world to find new ways to spark conversations about sustainability and conservation.

As we approach World Ocean Day on June 8, Linzi is staying busy bringing more blue into the lives of students as a co-founder of Protect Blue, which works to connect students with the ocean through stories and action, even if they live hundreds of miles from the coast.  For example, Protect Blue is shifting the narrative around plastic pollution from focusing only on the conversations from the harmful effects of plastic pollution, for example, to broaden the imagination for designing imagining plastic-free the futures and, while also working on tangible projects right now.

Linzi talks with Kate Wing, our Better Worlds Ocean podcast host, about building narratives not about what is wrong with the world, but around what a regenerative future can look like, especially in the ocean. Linzi shares her excitement around the power of surf culture, restoration projects, and innovative new products. Tune in to learn about Eco boards, sea trees and more.

Guest Bio:

Linzi Hawkin is the Co-Founder & Strategist at Protect Blue to create an impact. Her love of ocean and outdoors has defined her life path and the methods she has created for her work, with a goal of plugging people back into nature through storytelling and education. She’s designed award-winning environmental education curriculum with a focus on experiential nature based learning and is dedicated to reframing the language we use and the approach we take in catalyzing pro-ecological behavior.

With a focus on the triple bottom line business model and trained in social impact analysis, design thinking & branding, Linzi is working with purpose driven organizations and showing businesses how to become a force for good. From teaching kids to surf, to running eco music festivals and working for the government in environmental awareness - the first 10 years of her career were dedicated to creating memorable experiences that connect communities to the importance of nature.

Kate Wing

Kate Wing is the founder of Intertidal Agency, a design and strategy consulting firm for the ocean including policy, philanthropy, and conservation technology enterprises and accelerators.



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