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Moving from a 2D space to 3D with Emma Ridderstad

How do we enhance the human experience in a world moving from a 2D space to a 3D with new AI tools, and not be owned by tech as it is in the 2D world?

How do we enhance the human experience in a world moving from a 2D space to a 3D with new AI tools, and not be owned by tech as it is in the 2D world? It’s the the latest tech renaissance that will give us more time for our own lives, more spaces to communicate and experience new places in a better world.

Hosted by Julian Guderley with guest Emma Ridderstad, Warpin Media Founder

Co-founder & CEO of Stockholm-based Warpin Media Emma Ridderstad joins Better Worlds’s host Julian Guderley to explore the social impact Web 3 tools have on our own welfare. An avid gamer in her teens, Emma brings a new perspective to the podcast this week with her views on a still male-dominated metaverse and her work to bring in more women creators to Web 3.0 tech.

Before founding Warpin, Emma was the CEO of Familjeliv Media AB, Sweden’s largest online parenting site, reaching over half of all mothers with children from newly born to six years old.

Prior to serving as CEO of Familjeliv, she was CEO of Modern Women Media which is the owner of some of Sweden’s leading websites for women between 16-40 years old. Through their various digital platforms, they reached approximately 2 million unique visitors each week.

Warpin is a strategic partner to innovative brands entering the VR and AR platforms. They create a real brand value through VR/AR content, distribution, and context. Warpin is an early developer to Magic Leap. Other clients include H&M, AMB, Trygga Barnen, SPP, KRY, Childhood, Disney, Ferrarri, Clarion & Magic Leap, Migrations, Miljonbemanning, Uppsala Firebrigade, Facebook & Postnord.

Julian Guderley

Julian is a steward for Regeneration in this world. He functions in the world as a Podcast Producer, High Performance Coach & Event Creator.

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