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Caroline Slootweg Sails into the Kelp Industry

Kelp as an ecosystem builder and creator of rich marine ecosystems caught the attention of Caroline Slootweg, who sailed halfway across the globe into pioneering a new industry. 

The co-founder of Kelp Blue and CEO of Kelp Blue Biotech tells Blue Pioneers host Dr. Kat Bruce, the Skipper of the upcoming Sea Change Row Expedition, about a journey that began with a life-changing decision to participate in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, where she sailed halfway across the globe. This experience deepend her love of the ocean and fueled her passion in conservation and innovative work in cultivating giant kelp for holistic, regenerative agriculture.

Kelp Blue, the largest seaweed on the planet, is an ecosystem builder, providing habitat for diverse marine life. It grows rapidly, giving it an incredible capacity to sequester carbon. On this episode of Blue Pioneers, Caroline talks about how she and her team developed a liquid seaweed extract used as a bio-stimulant for kelp crop yields and resilience.

Caroline highlighted the urgent need to protect the ocean, much of it unexplored. She is raising awareness and passion for marine conservation through her work at Kelp Blue, to create a change, shifting from intensive to regenerative practices. discusses the potential of kelp as a nature-based solution for climate action.

The questions also come around to the consumer, for which Caroline suggests takes the effort to learn about where food is sourced and how our choices may impact the cultivation practices. Tune into this inspiring conversation about making choices and investments for Nature's good.

About Caroline

A start-up, change management and digital transformation specialist, Caroline has worked at Unilever, WPP,  in mar-tech and agri-tech. Her purity of purpose expresses itself as clarity, simplicity and speed. 

Caroline believes when we are  inspired by nature, better products are produced. The Kelp Blue Biotech business model benefits people and planet and generates generous financial returns for social impact equity investors. This is one organization on a mission to unlock the full power of seaweed to make products for agriculture, bio-materials and nutraceuticals. As a teammate, Caroline has been described as the person who keeps the boat going in the right direction and never loses her cool. Learn more about this IMAGINE leader.

Episode Highlights

  • Kelp is a versatile seaweed that can grow quickly and sequester carbon, making it a valuable nature-based solution for climate action.
  • Kelp Blue cultivates giant kelp, the largest seaweed on the planet, and uses it to create a bio-stimulant that is used in agriculture to increase yield and resilience.
  • Scaling up kelp farming involves challenges such as working with mother nature, weather conditions, and maintaining equipment.
  • Working in the ocean startup space requires a passion for the ocean, a willingness to overcome challenges, and a strong team dynamic.
  • There is still much to learn about the ocean, and raising awareness about its importance is crucial for protecting the planet.

About Sea Change Row

A team of six women who work in the fields of nature, climate and corporate sustainability will launch their data-collection expedition on June 9. Beginning at the Tower Bridge in Londone, the crew will row 2,000 miles around the British coastline without stopping and unassisted. Their mission to to collect data on biodiversity, microplastics, sound and ocean temperature, which will supporting a long term study on ocean health led by the University of Portsmouth. 

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