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Heartland Collective: CoLab Campout April 2023

CoLab Campout is a 3.5 day village-building immersive experience inviting earth lovers, impact leaders, change-makers, artists, musicians, community organizers, and beautiful souls to come together to create the regenerative reality we wish to see!

CoLab Campout is a 3.5 day village-building immersive experience inviting earth lovers, impact leaders, change-makers, artists, musicians, community organizers, and beautiful souls to come together to create the regenerative reality we wish to see!

Located at Heartland Collective, a beautiful 25-acre lake-front property and community center, this micro festival and retreat is designed for attendees to dive deep (personally and collectively), to learn permaculture and natural building skills, and to celebrate our accomplishments and growth.

Participants will be guided through the 4 pillars of InnerWork, OuterWork, Transformation, and Celebration - experienced through yoga, movement, regenerative action, leadership education, voice activation, ecstatic dance, healthy food, blindfolded trance dance, acoustic jams, electronic music, and more!

The event begins at sunset on Thursday, April 20th with an opening ceremony followed by a mystical blindfolded dance exploration and singing around the fire.

On Friday and Saturday we’ll start the day with yoga and then participate in hands-on workshops where attendees can choose to participate in the permaculture or natural building track. Friday night will include music and dance at the Oya stage & at the Kiva fire. Saturday night marks our transition into “Celebration,” where the fun will continue late into the night!

On Sunday morning, we’ll take part in mind and body exercises. The celebration will continue with music to enjoy while we dance and play in the lake. We’ll also offer attendees the opportunity to break a world record playing the world’s largest game of Chinese Checkers with 60 people! As we approach sunset on Sunday, we’ll gather for our closing ceremony to reflect on our collective experience. To close out the event Truth’s playhouse is back to bring musical collaboration to a whole new level! (More details on the schedule shared below).

The goal of this experiment in collaboration is to leave feeling nourished, transformed, and ready to take action on co-creating the regenerative future that our hearts know is possible.

Join us for this one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience off-grid intentional living, and to feel the power of aligned hearts, community, and relationships.


Inner Work -

To do our inner work is to delve into the world within - developing emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, interpersonally, and creatively, and tending to the wounds of the past. During our daily inner work practices, we will invite you to nourish yourself with meditation, yoga, breath work, lakeside lounging and other forms of self-care. Reflect on how you’ve grown during CoLab campout evenings spent enjoying the sacred fire area, Kiva - a 40 foot wide circle that can sit more than 150 people around a fire. You can count on voice activations, storytelling, sound healing, and meaningful talks happening here.

Outer Work -

Our focus for day time activities will be OuterWork, offering hands-on opportunities to learn how to regeneratively build and beautify a village. The permaculture and natural building projects will be guided by inspiring and innovative professionals in these areas. (Stay tuned for details on the projects that we will be collaborating on in each track)!

The intention for OuterWork is to experience the power of working together to accomplish our dream projects and to build skills that can help us carry forward our visions for the future.

Transformation -

Before we can realize something of great power, we must first imagine it. Oftentimes the quality of our imagination can affect the quality of what we produce. This is why our collective visions and intentions will be a major focus for the weekend, aiding us in the process of unlocking the many possibilities of what we can co-create. CoLab Campout evenings are filled with activities designed for transformation. We will invite you to go inward to discover your true self while partaking in a blindfolded Ritual Trance Dance, a Kiva Fire Gathering, ecstatic dance journeys, Truth’s Playhouse, and more!

OuterWork, InnerWork, relationship building, music, and dance are an incredible recipe for long term Transformation, and that’s what we hope to seed and foster at this event.

Celebration -

After 2 full days of village building, we will CELEBRATE all that we have created! With over a dozen event features, everyday will feel like a celebration, however Saturday night is designed for BIG music and fireside celebration. We’ll DANCE, PLAY, and ENJOY each other - WILDLY! We’ll relish in our interdependence and celebrate community, health, and our interest in building a world that supports all living beings.

**Stay tuned for the lineup of event features dropping soon!

COLAB WITH US | Offer Your Gifts or Volunteer To Work Off The Price Of Your Ticket!

We welcome you to offer your support in building this eco-village retreat coursing with magic and mystery while building new skills and forging new friendships.

For those who would like to collaborate, share an offering, and / or volunteer a minimum of 12 hours (vs. purchasing a ticket), please apply here for a collaborator pass:


Buying tickets early is vital to help us plan and hire help to make our journey together the best ever. Help us help you have an amazing time by securing your ticket ASAP. We recommend carpooling! :)

There are a limited number of early bird tickets available (10) for $125 and they offer special bonuses, including discounted meal plans ($75) and free shower passes. Get yours asap before they run out!

After early bird tickets sell out, Tier 1 tickets will go on sale for $149 and will be available for purchase until Feb 24th.

Then, Tier 2 tickets will go on sale for $169 until March 16th.

After that, General admission tickets will be available for purchase for $189.

Meal plans are $90. (More detail below).

Shower passes are $20.

Parking passes are $20.


Guests will be asked to pay $10 per meal or to BYOF. We encourage all participants to purchase a meal plan for $90 prior to arriving to ensure that we have enough food prepared.

9 meals will be available throughout the weekend:

- Dinner on Thursday

- Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Friday & Saturday

- Breakfast & Lunch Sunday

Our closing ceremony is before dinner on Sunday, but we welcome you to stay for two very exciting events afterwards: A Pizza Party & Truth's Playhouse!

Dinner is wood fired pizza from the Cob Oven as a Heartland fundraiser with pizzas sold at $10 / person! To close the night out, Truth’s Playhouse is back for a collaboration of musical acts you won't want to miss!


Heartland Collective is located an hour north from Sacramento, and an hour south from Nevada City. It bursts with lush green beauty around the time of CoLab Campout, Yuba County’s premier village building event.

In 2020, 2021, and 2022, CoLab Campout was canceled due to COVID, but as of this year and moving forward, the micro-festival is BACK and its producers are excited to bring the model to intentional communities all over the world to support them with infrastructure development, too.

Anders Gustavsson and his mom, Anna-Lena (Shama), are the founders of Heartland Collective. Anders has been a serial entrepreneur for over 2 decades, founding businesses in the realms of graphic design, marketing, team building, tech, & real estate. Between 2013-2016 he built over a half dozen 2+ acre gardens, and after deep reflection he founded Heartland Collective in 2016 as a platform for building the solutions we require for the many challenges our world faces today.

Today, Heartland Collective serves as an education center and home base for up to 10 people at any given time, offering opportunities to learn about gardening, farming, infrastructure development, property management, and regenerative living.

Shama is one of the strongest believers in the Heartland vision and has invested a formidable amount to support the cause. With decades of somatic wisdom, she holds vital keys that balance generational gaps. She will be sharing an elders point of view of her life today, and available for your questions at the fire.

Learn more at

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