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Implementing High-Integrity Nature-Based Solutions with Naturebase

Nature, a powerful ally, can deliver up to one-third of the mitigation required to stabilize the planet. It does so while benefiting ecosystems and human well-being. Knowing where, why, and how to deploy these interventions is crucial to unlocking nature's potential for achieving these goals.

Currently, as stakeholders consider how to utilize nature-based solutions within the broader context of the climate crisis, the priority should be to implement high-integrity projects that will significantly impact carbon mitigation while enhancing livelihoods and preserving biodiversity.

That brings us to the focus of this episode of Nature IS, with guests Lucy Almond, Chair, Nature4Climate, and Peter Ellis, Global Director of Natural Climate Solutions Science, The Nature Conservancy. They are among the many voices and organizations that have partnered to create Naturebase. This new platform is a game-changer, promoting nature-based solutions to climate change by filling data accessibility gaps that often stifle action. It equips users with the necessary tools to make informed decisions. 

The Naturebase interactive platform combines science-based data on nature's pathways to empower decision-makers, Indigenous communities, and stakeholders worldwide with data-driven insights on natural climate solutions. It provides region-specific information on how much carbon sequestration interventions like reforestation, avoided deforestation and improved land management practices could achieve in any given region or area.

Technology notwithstanding, one of the key themes that emerged in our discussion was the recognition of nature's inherent wisdom and ingenuity. Peter emphasized the importance of humility, reminding us that nature has been solving complex problems like excessive greenhouse gas levels for billions of years through evolutionary marvels like photosynthesis. 

As Peter eloquently put it, "We are part of nature. We are a very important keystone species with our hands in many ecosystems worldwide, and we must take that responsibility seriously." (See our first episode of Nature Is Biomimicry: An Operating Manual for Earthlings for more on this theme!) 

Enjoy the episode, and remember, your active role is not just important, it's vital to the growing movement for nature-based solutions. Log onto the Naturebase platform and make your contribution count. Together, we can make a significant impact on climate change

Lara Birkes

My mission is to help individuals and organizations understand our reliance on the natural world, and to adopt behaviors that allow our planet to flourish.

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