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Mapping Businesses Impact on Nature with FLINTpro

FLINTpro is revolutionizing how businesses understand their environmental impact. By integrating diverse data sources, this innovative platform provides comprehensive insights into companies' nature footprint, paving the way for more effective sustainability strategies.

Understanding our impact on nature is crucial in the battle against climate change. As the business community grapples with how to achieve nature positivity, in addition to climate neutrality, localized and regionally specific data is required.  That's where FLINTpro comes in. 

In this episode of the Nature IS podcast, we spoke with Robert Waterworth, Co-founder and Chief Science, Policy, and Innovation Officer at FLINTpro, about how his company provides cutting-edge data integration and analytics to help organizations measure and mitigate their environmental footprint.

FLINTpro was born out of Waterworth and his co-founders' pioneering work over twenty years ago in carbon accounting for countries like Australia. They realized early on that getting an accurate picture from just one data source, like satellites or models, is impossible. An integrated approach using multiple technologies is needed. 

This became the core principle behind FLINTpro's complete "full lands integration tool." By combining satellite imagery, ground data, climate models, and more into one seamless platform, FLINTpro gives organizations a comprehensive view of their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, biodiversity impact, climate risk exposure, and more across their land holdings and supply chains.

Waterworth explains, "You can't do this type of work with just one technology... you need to use all of them coherently. And that's really where our skill set fits." 

Some key platform offerings include advanced analytics for large landholders to obtain hyper-local emissions and biodiversity data to drive decision-making, an "insights" product providing self-serve analysis using default models and data, and RegIQ, which maps out an organization's regulatory risk profile related to issues like the EU deforestation regulation.  

Regarding how FLINTpro ensures data accuracy and reliability, they’re upfront with product methodologies. This includes audit trails to track all data, methods used to generate outputs, and detailed documentation describing our data development process and procedures. In addition, the team promotes a high level of transparency related to compliance-ready reporting, including raw data formats to integrate with a client's processes.

Looking ahead, FLINTpro envisions being the single trusted source that any organization impacting land can rely on to guide its environmental strategy, compliance, and risk mitigation. As biodiversity and natural capital impacts are scrutinized more, integrated solutions like FLINTpro will become essential.

“FLINTpro helped us prioritize projects and identify the data we needed to improve over time. This helps us present high-integrity, bankable, nature-based solutions projects to the market. Now we can easily monitor updates, forest changes, and test solutions against future projects. Our data is also more organized, which makes it simple to access variables like forest-cover thresholds, disturbances, and planting regimes.” —Bryan Adkins, CEO at Eden: People + Planet

Nature is finally having its moment in the corporate consciousness. With pioneers like FLINTpro leading the way, companies now have the tools to understand their nature-related impacts and create strategies to protect and preserve our vital ecosystems.

Lara Birkes

My mission is to help individuals and organizations understand our reliance on the natural world, and to adopt behaviors that allow our planet to flourish.

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