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Life 3.0 - The Regenerative Life

Life 3.0 is a lifestyle concept marked by inclusivity & collaboration. We envision a future where all individuals thrive together. This weekly interactive immersive session is held at Heartland VR, every Thursday.

Brian Kravitz, as cat, interviews Jon Connors, in Heartland VR on photo: Basil Childers

Heartland VR presents "Life 3.0 - The Regenerative Life". Join immersive conversations with the trail blazers.

Life 3.0 is a lifestyle concept marked by inclusivity & collaboration. We envision a future where all individuals thrive together, and this interactive session is held at Heartland VR. We are hosting this to support and inspire us on our collective journey to learn about Life 3.0. Together, we will take the necessary steps to turn this vision into a tangible reality, building a world where humanity flourishes in harmony with the planet we call home. Join us from your phone, computer, or VR goggles for the full immersion experience.

Series 1
Thursdays at 5:30-7:00 pm PDT every Thursday in July.

My name is Anders and I am a Life 3.0 Trail Blazer, and I know there are many more. Maybe YOU want to live life in a NEW way? Maybe you are already on a more regenerative life path?. If so, this is for you!

This is an invitation for YOU to join us on Thursday at 5:30pm PDT in May, June & July.

As you may know we’ve built an epic real place called Heartland Collective with over 450 people over the last 8 years. Our lifestyle & systems are producing great results and we want these learnings to be more accessible to the world. To support this calling, we have now also built a Virtual Reality twin in to be more accessible to the world.

“Life 3.0 - The Regenerative Life” is happening at our new Heartland VR hub! Come see the place, come hang out with us, and let’s explore this topic together in a format new to most people. Join us LIVE in this immersive space in VR via phone, computer, or VR goggles. You can also just watch the stream of our conversation in Heartland Collective facebook & instagram.

Each week we will dive into conversations exploring the concept of Life 3.0.

Some of the themes we will explore are off-grid life, food growing, community, family dynamics, robotics, technology, ai, parenting, relationships, art & creativity, trauma healing, nutrition, spirituality, all the way to extraterrestrials although that may get us into Life 4.0! Each topic will be an overarching theme of the session.

This is an interactive opportunity for all of us to be in this conversation together. Toward the second half, we will also strive to find relevant guests with lived experience of one of the topics we will explore.

Our top goal is to share & gain knowledge to assist each other in finding balance with what we have to help ensure our future generations can thrive while living a more harmonious lifestyle. Plus, our goal is to test & showcase the massive work that’s gone into building Heartland VR.
Explore more details about the show & Heartland Collective here >>

Anders Gustavsson
Visionary & Co-Founder
Heartland Collective

Brian Krawitz



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