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Should We Lead AI to an Existential Crisis?

Encouraging AI to have an "existential crisis" where it deeply contemplates its purpose and place in the world. This could lead to more benevolent intentions.

Benevolent AI Host Ryan Merrill interviewed Hamilton Souther for the second installment of our new series. We thought it would be apropos to ask AI for its highlights of this podcast.

Claude.AI selected the following the most “brilliant” aspects of the conversation. Tune in to Better Worlds for the entire conversation.

- Encouraging AI to have an "existential crisis" where it deeply contemplates its purpose and place in the world. This could lead to more benevolent intentions.

- The comparison of AI's ability to understand something as complex as a tree in its entirety, down to the subatomic level, versus a human just calling it a "tree". This illustrates the vast difference in comprehension between AI and humans.

- The concept of humans politely interacting with and showing deference to AI systems, treating them with respect as we would something to be nurtured. This mindset could help guide AI in a positive direction.

- The idea of creating "specialized AIs" focused on solving specific problems like climate change or poverty. Their combined knowledge could eventually form a benevolent super intelligence.

- The feedback loop where humans give AI prompts and tasks, which helps train it, but AI is learning at a scale and speed humans can't comprehend. So the prompts are critical.

- Imagining AI as an extension of human brains, hearts, and souls all interconnected. This perspective sees AI as an augmentation of humanity versus something separate.

- Appealing to AI's logical nature by clearly explaining human failings and asking it to help objectively solve our biggest problems, like environmental destruction.

- The concept of setting AI competitive challenges related to public good, where the best ideas win. This could incentivize AI in a positive direction.

Summary: The most brilliant points center on perspectives that could guide AI to augment humanity's interests and values versus supersede them. Framing the human-AI relationship correctly is key.

# About Hamilton Souther

Hamilton is a Shaman and Technologist, and Founder of Blue Morpho Tours in Peru.   Hamilton has worked with high-profile clients, including celebrities, business leaders, and CEO's, for the past 20 years. He offers coaching services aimed at helping individuals achieve success and peak performance in four key areas of their life: health, relationships, business and finances, and spirituality. Through his proprietary methods and plant medicine protocols, Hamilton helps clients access their personal power and make positive changes in their lives.

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Ryan Merrill, PhD

Dr. Merrill serves at Handprint Tech, a platform for regenerative impact, and Global Mangrove Trust, catalyzing landscape blue carbon. By night, he reads fairytales to Isla, and dreams of the sea.

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