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Closing the Loop: Regeneration and Brand Strategy with Ryan Merrill and Simon Schillebeeck

500k brands worldwide, the ultimate strategy for viral growth. How will co-regeneration of the planet together with friends, family, and favorite brands become the future we've all been waiting for?

How will co-regeneration of the planet together with friends, family, and favorite brands become the future we've all been waiting for?

Hosted by Paul Michael Muts with guests Ryan Merrill & Simon Schillebeeck, Global Mangrove Trust & Handprint

From the non-profit Global Mangrove Trust to the for-profit Handprint, which has just raised $2.2M USD, Simon and Ryan are accelerating virtuous viral positive impact. Their product makes it simple to bring doing good into the core brand strategy of the marketing department and out of the invisible world of reporting & sustainability departments. From banking and retail to alcohol and sports brands they are changing the narrative. Learn how closing the loop between brand, customer, and impact leads to a future where customers can co-regenerate the planet together with their friends, family, and favorite brands.

Our Guests

Ryan Merrill loves to combine development science, digital technologies, and entrepreneurship to support global communities and the planet 🌎 He is co-founder of Global Mangrove Trust, a non-profit organisation funding blue carbon forestry through blockchain technology, and Handprint, a tech startup that provides Impact-as-a-Service, enabling millions of businesses to go green by regenerating ecosystems. Sailing is a huge passion of his.

Simon Schillebeeckx is an academic entrepreneur specialising in digital sustainability. Founder of two climate startups. Father of twins.  

Paul Michael Muts

Paul's mission to inspire, educate, and motivate the next generation of leaders.

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