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Exploring Our Meta Futures with Susan Brazer

400 Global Telecom Carriers Streaming Web3 engagement. How will creators share nextgen immersive experiences S01E03 Better Worlds Podcast hosted by Ayla Kremb, COO of Diffuse Funds

How will creators share next-gen immersive experiences?

Find out why guest Susan Brazer, CEO of LionShare Media expects web3 and 5g networks to empower creators including woman, environmentalists, scientists, artists, and entertainers to share data and next-gen immersive experiences which will shape our collective reality metaverse. As a member of Global Woman in Blockchain she believes collaboration, community, transparency, trust, decentralization, and immutability are values which resonate deeply with woman and considers blockchain a female technology.

Hosted by Ayla Kremb of Diffuse Funds with guest Susan Brazer, LionShare Media

Susan  is currently the CEO of LionShare Media, which is launching the THIN-AIR™ 5G cloud-native platform for premium entertainment and immersive media.

Susan has led the launch and operation of consumer-facing mobile, media and technology platforms, applications and services for: Apple, DirecTV, SES Astra, FIFA World Cup Venture Fund, Viacom/Showtime, Virgin Mobile, and Nokia.

Previously, Susan was VP, Wireless Device Strategy and Business Development at Nokia, and VP, Corporate Development & New Products at Virgin Mobile USA. Prior to this, Susan was EVP, Corporate Development at the FIFA World Cup Venture Fund, where she raised $50M+ to develop interactive TV, gaming, and avatar training ventures.

Susan was the SVP, Networks & Marketing for Viacom's Showtime Int'l in the Middle East and Africa, overseeing MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, The Movie Channel, TV Land, BloombergTV, Paramount, Style and Discovery. Susan was the VP, Marketing at Compression Labs, where led the business plan and launched DirecTV with Hughes Communications, which created the first 500 channel TV service. As VP, Digital TV Strategy at SES ASTRA, she led the migration of 22 countries with major broadcast operators--BSKYB, CanalPlus, Kinnevik, Bertelsmann, CLT and Multi-Choice.

The genesis of Susan's new products and UI/UX expertise began at Apple Computer, where she launched its 1st portable computer, the Newton, and Knowledge Navigator (the prototype for the iPAD and Siri). She was an M&A analyst at PepsiCo (acquired Kentucky Fried Chicken) and an International Treasury Analyst at Phillip Morris, where she was an early adopter of the first electronic forex trading systems.

Susan holds a B.A. in Economics from Brandeis University, an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and attended the London School of Economics.

Susan is on the Board of Global Women in Blockchain and a mentor at Princeton University’s Keller School of Engineering for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Ayla Kremb

COO of Diffuse with over a decade in commercializing emerging technology.

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