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Empowering Youth for a Healthy Planet: Hanalei Swan's Art and Activism

Fifteen year old Hanalei Swan is a real powerhouse, an unstoppable teenage activist with a mission, focusing on solutions from a place of deep connection and inspiration with Planet Earth.

Fifteen year old Hanalei Swan is a real powerhouse, an unstoppable teenage activist with a mission. She is a role model and example of the new kind of activist, stepping away from polarization and leading with empathy and focusing on solutions from a place of deep connection and inspiration with Planet Earth. Hanalei is also a Fashion Designer, Artist, International Speaker, Author and Model. A must listen episode to learn with Hanalei to live and create from a multi-generational perspective.

Hanalei Swan shared her insights on the power of art in raising awareness for critical global issues. Hanalei's passion for ocean health led her to create a surfboard painting that sheds light on nuclear contamination in the Pacific Ocean, demonstrating how art can reach beyond language barriers to inspire change.

The Importance of Optimism and Setting a Positive Example

Discussing the Fukushima nuclear disaster and the threats to our oceans, Hanalei emphasized the significance of choosing optimism in the face of global issues. By setting a positive example for others, individuals can create a ripple effect of awareness and inspire alternative solutions to address pressing environmental challenges. Hanalei believes that approaching these issues with love, rather than anger, can lead to more productive outcomes.

Protecting Our Oceans and Addressing Contamination

Hanalei and the podcast host explored the ongoing Fukushima crisis, stressing the importance of slowing down and considering the consequences of our decisions. She identified the contaminated water as the most significant threat to the situation, highlighting potential consequences for our food, plants, and animals. By educating ourselves and engaging in open conversations with others, we can collectively work towards protecting our oceans from radioactive waste.

Empowering Youth to Care for the Planet

The conversation also touched on the role of education in cultivating lifelong learning and fostering a passion for environmental activism. Hanalei envisions a future where young people are empowered to explore their passions and embrace a lifelong learning mentality. Small acts of caring for the planet can create a healthier environment for future generations, and embracing self-love can fuel one's inner spark to make a difference in the world.

Hanalei's Vision for a Thriving Earth

When asked about her dreams for the Earth decades and centuries from now, she expressed her hope for a protected planet where more people find their inner light and work towards preserving the environment. By inspiring others through art, activism, and education, Hanalei and individuals like her aim to create a healthy, thriving Earth for generations to come.

Hanalei Swan's journey as an eco-artist serves as a shining example of how art can be used to spark environmental change and inspire others to take action. By cultivating optimism, setting a positive example, and empowering youth to care for the planet, we can work together to create a healthier, more sustainable future for all.

Hanalei Swan (born April 17, 2007) is a fashion designer, artist, author, international speaker, and founder of the “Unstoppable Kids”, while traveling the World since a baby. She was named after the stunning destination at which her parents were married and was born during a financially difficult time for her parents. At the age of one, Hanalei was brought along with her parents to travel the world. Hanalei is a bright young fashion designer whose passion has been apparent since she was eight years old. She was brought up to seize opportunities in her youth - her parents didn’t ask her what she wanted to be in the future. Instead, they asked her, “What do you want to be now?” She is an avid lover of animals and lives near the beach with her parents and her rescued cat and dogs. Since the age of three, she has always buried her nose in a sketchbook full of her doodles and sketches. Hanalei’s drive remains constantly geared towards ethical and eco-friendly fashion. Her altruistic nature has been refined over the years; upon being offered a US$30 million investment from a Shark Tank venture capitalist, she turned the opportunity down because she refused to outsource her business to China and India, countries where the quality of working conditions was low.

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