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Co-creating the Natural World: Shifting to Regenerative cultures

During a time when ethical and moral questions of the “unstoppable” AI occupy our minds like a self-fulfilling prophecy, how do we tear down the mental scaffolding that separates us from nature? What is required of us as participants in co-creating the natural world?

In this episode of Green Planet Blue Planet, we ask this question of Biologist, Regeneratist, Author Daniel Christian Wahl, and we explore the critical mission to stretch beyond sustainable communities to become builders and custodians of regenerative bioregions for the future.

As ethical concerns surrounding AI loom large, Daniel explores the urgent need to dismantle the mental barriers that separate humans from co-creating with nature.

Regenerative ecosystems call for a departure from abstract problem-solving towards a deep connection with nature. Daniel emphasizes that true regeneration can only be achieved within a specific place, context, and culture, rather than through generic master plans. It requires embracing a culture of care and reigniting humanity's innate bond with the natural world. Throughout the episode, you are invited to embark on a transformative journey of learning, discovery, and adaptation, recognizing their agency and falling in love with nature.

Join us as we challenge prevailing mindsets and inspire a new era of regenerative practices. Discover how co-creating with the natural world can reshape our future for the better.

# About Daniel Christian Wahl:

Daniel Christian Wahl is a biologist, renowned sustainability educator, consultant, and activist. With a diverse academic background and extensive experience, Daniel brings a multidisciplinary perspective to his work. From his collaborations with Gaia Education to his acclaimed book "Designing Regenerative Cultures," Daniel has made significant contributions to the field. He has been recognized with prestigious awards and fellowships, and his thought leadership has garnered a wide online following. Through teaching, speaking engagements, and collaborations, Daniel continues to inspire individuals and communities to embrace regenerative practices and work towards a sustainable and equitable future.

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