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Embracing Regeneration: Unlocking Nature's Wisdom for Transformative Leadership

The word sustainability made it into the mainstream vocabulary in the 1970s around the time of the first Earth Day. What's happened in practice?

It is a term that has been thrown around to make the actions of businesses more appealing without much data or proof to demonstrate their effectiveness. Sustainability is a term and practice that is designed to meet the needs of the current generation and has been adopted at the top levels of government - e.g. United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainability has become a buzzword. In this episode with Author Giles Hutchins we discuss regeneration as the new paradigm, that when defined well and understood, can be measured and transcend the test of time by living and learning to work in harmony with the very essence of life itself - nature.

Giles states it simply. Regeneration is about working the way life works. By recognizing that we as busy consumers have fallen out of sync with life, and now it’s important to allow ourselves to remember the inherent grammar that is innate within nature.

The deeper response goes into three levels of insight that will help unlock our potential as leaders and to reimagine organizational consciousness.

Join us on this transformative journey as we take a deeper dive into the power of regeneration and learning from living systems, broken into three interconnected levels.

  1. Understanding nature, nature's patterns, principles and processes, including disciplines such as biomimicry, circular economics and systems thinking that help us work with the principles and processes we find within life with an open mind.
  2. With an open heart, systemic participation within living systems;embody experience working with systemic dynamics within the organization as a living system and immersed within life.
  3. The third level is open will: Leading to an existential shift tuning into nature's wisdom, and knowing that there is actually much more to life than meets the eye. It is not only the biological understanding of life, but a bio-psycho-spiritual receptivity and opening into life, which allows us to work with the inherent wisdom, innate within life. Together, these work to create an embodied regenerative leadership consciousness.

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#About Giles Hutchins

Giles Hutchins is a pioneering practitioner, keynote speaker, and executive coach who stands at the forefront of a consciousness-raising revolution in organizational leadership. With over 20 years of experience in helping organizations of all sizes transform, Giles applies advanced techniques, deep-dive nature immersions, embodiment work, ancient wisdom tradition insights, and cutting-edge research on leadership consciousness.

Giles's journey began over a decade ago when he served as a management consultant, program manager, and business practice lead at KPMG, one of the world's leading professional services firms. During his time there, he honed his skills and developed a deep understanding of the inner workings of organizations.

More recently, Giles served as the Global Head of Sustainability for Atos, a global technology provider with a presence in over 40 countries and employing more than 150,000 people. In this role, he played a pivotal role in integrating sustainable practices into the company's operations, aligning business goals with environmental and social responsibilities.

Currently, Giles holds the position of Chairman at the Future Fit Leadership Academy, where he continues to push the boundaries of leadership development. He is also the Lead Partner of The Natural Business Partnership, which focuses on bringing nature-inspired approaches into the business world. As a co-founder of Biomimicry for Creative Innovation and, Giles actively promotes innovative and regenerative practices that draw inspiration from the natural world.

Giles' impact reaches beyond his roles as a practitioner and coach as he is an accomplished author and co-author of several influential papers and books, including "The Nature of Business" (2012), "The Illusion of Separation" (2014), "Future Fit" (2016), "Regenerative Leadership" (2019), and "Leading by Nature" (2022). Through his writings, Giles shares his insights into the interconnectedness of nature and business, urging leaders to adopt a more holistic and regenerative approach to their work.

With his international leadership center located at Springwood Farm, a place of exceptional natural beauty near London, UK, Giles provides a unique environment for immersive learning experiences. By reconnecting with nature, participants can tap into their innate wisdom and discover new possibilities for personal and collective growth.

Julian Guderley

Julian is a steward for Regeneration in this world. He functions in the world as a Podcast Producer, High Performance Coach & Event Creator.

Website Vancouver, Canada



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