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What’s in Your Soap?

Do you know what you’re bringing into your home? From household goods to body products, what’s in your soap?

In the post-war 1940s, while Hollywood and corporate spinners hyped cigarettes, alcohol, canned food, and cleaning agents, Master Soapmaker Dr. E.H. Bronner stepped away from the crowd. He began asking questions about household chemicals and telling another story promoting natural products and a return to nature. 

Now, 78 years later, Lisa Bronner, granddaughter and 5th generation soapmaker, has written a holistic guide on natural products, Dr. Bronner’s magic soap, that also provides recipes for cleaning solutions. 

On this episode of Green Planet Blue Planet, Host Julian Guderley speaks with Lisa about her book, “Soap and Soul, Minding Your Mind, Your Body, and Your Spirit with Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap.”  Fortunately for us, Lisa found her voice and has picked up on the family business of not only making natural products but also to provide others with a guide on holistic living.

Recognizing that many are aware of the problems, as seen in the rising awareness in cultural conversations, Lisa doesn’t have to convince anyone. “Our bodies are going haywire,” she says. It’s to begin the next conversation of what to do about it. 

Many of us, especially in the United States, have been raised on a culture of product. Busy mothers were convinced that they were doing the right thing for their families by buying the brand names propagandized by corporate daytime TV sponsors and Good Housekeeping ads.

As a result, many people grew up instinctively using the same products and following the same habits. Lisa says the challenge today is pointing out the “invisible.”

“The other day, I was taking a walk with my neighbor. And I live out in the country with acres between our houses, and we were walking down the street and I could smell somebody's laundry. I was acres away from a house and I could smell their laundry…Can you imagine how intense those fumes must be in the house or right outside the house? And my neighbor didn't even notice the scent, because it's such a normal thing.”

As Dr. Bronner’s company marks its 75th anniversary, join Julian and Lisa for a clean and intriguing discussion on the evolution of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap and the new guide to help people move to natural solutions. 

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About Lisa Bronner

Having been an avid lifelong reader, Lisa wrote her first book in 2023 as a part companion guide to using her family’s soaps and part green living how-to with stories and memories of the entire Bronner soap-making family. An educator, she taught high school English and journalism after switching from Civil Engineering to an English degree in college, but she still weaves numbers and words. Lisa is a married mom of three nearly grown children who says her best time of day is gathering with family around the dinner table.

Learn more about Lisa from at website "Going Green with Lisa Bronner,"

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Better Worlds seeks to explore alternative viewpoints through media, international conferences, symposia, essays and hack-a-thons that encourage and support the development of innovative solutions.