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How does the Healthcare sector impact climate change?

Prevention and preventive healthcare are the biggest opportunities to go to the inner circle of the circular economy.

How does the Healthcare sector impact climate change?

Hosted by Julian Guderley with guest Frederick Van Duers, Green Innovation Group

Frederik Van Duers, CEO of Green Innovation Group, tells Better Worlds that global Healthcare accounts for 4 to 6 percent of carbon emissions. Why? The usual suspects, but also single use devices, drug production and waste. Incredibly, “when drugs and devices are purchased by hospitals they enter Narnia and nobody knows where they go when they are disposed of, how many are wasted or how many are put to use.”

What helps? Delivering preventive service independent of material consumption that can be delivered through telemedicine, for instance.   Can we advise people to make some of the habitual changes that are associated with better health outcomes, such as not smoking?   Prevention and preventive healthcare are the biggest opportunities to go to the inner circle of the circular economy.

Speaking with host Julian Guderley, Frederik provides his impression of blockchain, land use technology and gives an overview of the Web 3 landscape in the healthcare sector. Green Innovation Group is a global boutique management consulting firm that promotes green tech companies. They work on projects they believe will decarbonize the healthcare sector, with some of their biggest sectors being Farming, meta and the healthcare sector at large, including insurance companies. Their mission is to work with organizations that want to be more sustainable, formulate and deploy their strategy, or to help executive strategies already in development. Green Innovation also focuses on capacity building, training staff who may not have sufficient knowledge about the circular economy to integrate into industrial processes.

Julian Guderley

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