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Marrying AI with Nature-Based Economy Unlocks the Power of Ocean Data

“There is real intrinsic value in a healthy ecosystem without the extraction of life.” ~ Jeremy McKane.

In this episode of Green Planet Blue Planet, Host Julian Guderley holds a dialogue with Ocean Currency Network Founder CEO Jeremy McKane who is driving impact in measuring ocean data with systems that are on track to hit one Billion measurements per day by the end of this year. OCN is a blockchain enabled network to share oceanic data and quantify the true value of protected areas.

Jeremy is focused on educating people about AI, comparing it with the introduction of the microcomputer and other technology that humans had to learn to understand and drop their fears and learn how to use the tools most effectively in a nature-based economy. What if people could use artificial intelligence as their own personal cabinet, like a President who is given daily intelligence briefings on a high level to digest only  what he needs to know at that particular moment in time. The analysts and advisors are still important, for example, but the AI can quickly pick out the top info to share.

This episode explores how AI gives everyone an opportunity to use information as power; to push the needle for the first time toward impact with these tools. Julian sets the stage for more description of the Ocean Currency Network efforts to create a nature-based economy and increase trust in investments for climate solutions.

Ocean Currency Network is set to protect 30 percent of the Ocean by 2030 by marrying a nature based economy with the incoming reality of artificial intelligence. They have built a platform that produces  frequent overarching reports to show exactly what’s happening in the ocean. Imagine the power to make decisions early enough to actually avert the next major catastrophe.

These systems will revolutionize the measurement and tracking of ocean data that is being gathered by scientists around the world. Ocean Currency Network pays scientists and citizens to collect ocean data reports into the hands of the masses using artificial intelligence.

Tune in to learn more about the OCN mission and its position to encourage practical citizen data collection with products and systems that communities may use to interpret overall ocean health and create trackable solutions, and the inexpensive Seamore sensors that are disrupting the way data is collected.


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